Business Builder Agreement Form

download PDF here: Essential Wellness Builder Agreement


Essential Wellness Business Builder Agreement Form

In efforts to support you in the growth of your business, we offer our valued time and insight to you. In exchange, we ask you to commit and agree to the following:

1. Place a monthly LRP order of 125pv by the 15th of each month. You also agree that if you are having a hard time making the minimum, that you will notify your up-line by the 15th of the month.

2. Spend a minimum of 5 hours a week (income generating activities) building your doTERRA business.

_______________________ I commit to working _____ hours a week.

3. This business is unique in that you are the CEO of your business and at the same time we ask that you communicate with your upline weekly. We ask that builders begin weekly coaching calls with an Upline mentor and agree to coaching guidelines.

a. Perfect Contacting People via Phone Call
b. Use Names List Daily
c. Follow any Training that is in Process
d. Fill out Rank Tracker by the 15th of each month
e. Time Block your doTERRA hours Weekly
f. Prepare for Appointments with scripts that you have Practiced
g. Offer Continued Education for Customers

5. Understand that this business is built on giving essential oil presentations. We ask that you commit to teaching a minimum of 2-4 classes or 8-12 one-on-one presentations a month while Building towards your stated Goal.

________________________ commit to _____ classes a month and/or ______ 1:1 a month.

6. We understand that life happens and circumstances can change. We ask that you communicate to keep our business going. If you decide you no longer want to build your doTERRA business, and your upline has placed people under you, be willing to transfer or discuss transferring your account to someone new.

ACCOUNT HOLDER:_____________________________________________


Include the doTERRA Account Transfer Form & Involuntary Termination Form found at