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May. 6th,  2017

Hi __________,

It was great to meet you at ________’s Oil Class a few days ago.  Thank you for hosting your own Essential Oil Class!  I have down that your class is scheduled for May 26th at 6:30pm.

I look forward to your Membership Overview this Wednesday, the 11th at 10am. In addition to discussing your account and wellness consult, I would briefly like to discuss your options as a Hostess, Sharer, or Builder within doTERRA. This will help me to have clarity in how to best advise you moving forward.

As a Hostess, you will receive {whatever incentive you have promised. Examples: A customized doTERRA keychain filled with oils of your choice [showcased at the class], a free oil, two 2ml oils made from my oil bag an Aromatouch, or 10% of total sales from the class in products of your choice} for hosting the class.  And, when you have at least 6 people in attendance at your class, you will additionally earn a FREE Diffuser (worth $50!). {or an incentive that is inspiring within your means- ex. Aromatouch} I’m EXCITED!

The key to a successful class is to have a strong turn out!  How do you do that?  I have found a solid way to insure a great turn out.  Typically, 10% of those you invite will actually be able to attend or show up.  If you have 3 contacts with them, your odds increase to 25%!  Here’s a 3-step method to insure you have a good turn out at your class.

1. Start inviting 2 weeks before the class.

– Create a list of friends and family you feel would be interested in learning more about natural forms of health care and wellness. I suggest starting with a FaceBook Invite to a large amount of people (100 or more), and then personally calling and/or emailing your top 10-20 friends/family that you really want to be there. Please let me know if you would like my help with the invitation.

2. Follow-up Contact  (2nd contact – 1 week before the class)

– Call, text or message friends with the following:  “Hi Sally, just wanted to make sure you got my invite for the Oil Class next week.”  Or,  “Hi Sally, just wanted to make sure you understood the invite for the Oil Class next week”  or, “Hi Sally, I invited you to my Oil Class via Facebook & was checking to make sure you saw the invite.

3. Just letting you know Contact  (3rd Contact – day before the class)

– Call, text or message your friends to “just let them know” about a special or something you are offering at the class.  “Hi Sally, I just wanted to let you know that WHEN you attend my Oil Class tomorrow, there is an on-time drawing so be on time!”  or  “Hi Sally, I just wanted to let you know that WHEN you attend my class tomorrow, if you bring a friend you get a free gift!”  (I will provide all the gifts and raffle presents.)

There is no need to provide food for the class.  However, water (in non-plastic vessel + cups) would be a great idea.  I will arrive at least 30 minutes ahead of time to set up.

I look forward to our meeting next week, and Please do not hesitate to reach out to me anytime.



Doterra Wellness Advocate


download PDF: Drawing Entry

download PDF here: EW Builder Agreement

– or –

copy and paste the following and fill out the appropriate spaces:

Essential Wellness Business Builder Agreement Form

In efforts to support you in the growth of your business, we offer our valued time and insight to you. In exchange, we ask you to commit and agree to the following:

1. Place a monthly LRP order of 125pv by the 15th of each month. You also agree that if you are having a hard time making the minimum, that you will notify your up-line by the 15th of the month.

2. Spend a minimum of 5 hours a week (income generating activities) building your doTERRA business.

3. This business is unique in that you are the CEO of your business and at the same time we ask that you communicate with your upline weekly. We ask that builders begin weekly coaching calls with an Upline mentor and agree to coaching guidelines.

4. Use the EDGE System.
a. Use 6-3-1 daily with either the journal or app
b. Use the Fast Track Planner
c. Watch the EDGE Boot Camp Videos, implement the system, and follow the steps in sequence. You also agree to use this system with your team.

5. Understand that this business is built on giving essential oil presentations. We ask that you commit to teaching a minimum of 2-4 classes or 8-12 one-on-one presentations a month while Building towards your stated Goal.

6. We understand that life happens and circumstances can change. We ask that you communicate to keep our business going. If you decide you no longer want to build your doTERRA business, and your upline has placed people under you, be willing to transfer or discuss transferring your account to someone new.

ACCOUNT HOLDER:_____________________________________________


Include the doTERRA Account Transfer Form & Involuntary Termination Form found at

download PDF: Coaching Questionnaire

download PDF: Coaching Guidelines

download PDF: Weekly Call Guidelines