Emerge Sales Training

Success Training Simplified ~

1. Find people open to alternative forms of health care.
2. Set an appointment to go over their health goals & enroll them with a kit.
3. Set a second appointment to teach the about LRP, set up their wish list and explain the business opportunity.
4. Commit builders and start their training.

Please review the below webinars and documents for BEST practices:

Who do I talk to

The First Appointment 

The Second Appointment Wishlist 

The Third Appointment – The Business Conversation  

How to Commit Builders – Live Demo with Arin & Gabe Fugate

The Emerge Sales Training and Closing Script

Team call with Aisha Harley & Gabe Fugate – Deep Dive into Emerge with a focus on The Opening Invitation and First Appointment 

Emerge Documents and Scripts (Download or save to your Google Drive)

Emerge Podcasts

Emerge Training -website